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Quantia’s Physician Engagement Solutions

  • Pharma

    Engage physicians in your messages—how and when they value it most

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  • Health Systems

    Help physicians achieve their objectives while advancing your own

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  • Med Tech

    Increase brand awareness through a channel physicians already trust

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We created QuantiaMD, an award-winning web and mobile community where 225,000 physician members learn from experts and collaborate with peers to improve the quality of health care.

Our Physician Engagement Solutions let you tap into this active community and engage physicians in high-value interactions that inspire change.

See how our approach is making a difference

Survey results from a panel of physicians who recently interacted with expert-led content segments on QuantiaMD

  • 67
    67% of physician respondents say that an online, expert-led content segment on QuantiaMD influenced how they diagnose, evaluate, and treat COPD patients
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  • 78
    78% of respondents reported that their rate of success in breaking asthma attacks improved since interacting with relevant content on QuantiaMD
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  • 74
    74% of physician respondents say QuantiaMD content on Appropriate Use Criteria for echocardiograms influenced how they evaluate ordering these tests
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